About Me

A little about me: I am a writing coach, writer, journalist, copywriter and content marketer, currently working as a freelancer.

I fell in love with everything English while still at school. Ever since, I hone my skills by writing short stories, poetry and articles. I’ve actually even started work on a great unfinished novel or two!

I qualified as a journalist after school, but circumstances led me in other professional directions. Life and work experience in the military and police force, the music industry, corporate finance and in bookselling instilled in me a multi-genre, varied perspective on life. This is the fertile soil from where my writing stems.

I have been a freelance writer, copywriter, content marketer and strategist for a number of years. Recently I founded the CopyFounder website in order to broaden my work horizons from a remote perspective and entertain a wider spectrum of clientele.

My goal is to provide authentic and proactive coaching, writing and content marketing services that assist my customers to become the best they can be.

I’m all about helping you and/or your business stand above the competition by teaching and using concise, original, relevant and compelling copy and content.

I live with my beautiful partner in an idyllic country setting. We look forward to the regular visits of our three sons.

Work & Home – A Spectacular Setting