Content Strategy in a Business Environment

Updated: 6 March 2021

In the digital age, a content strategy is essential for all business. Conducting research into the types of copy and content that suit your business is important, especially for start-ups. You’ll need to make sure that your skill sets and the time you have makes it worth tackling your content strategy yourself. It may make sense to hire a professional strategist to improve your marketing efforts.

Finding a Suitable Content Strategist

Content marketing is a business strategy. When done well, it will grow a customer base through trust and building relationships. Good content marketing provides interesting and informative content over various digital platforms.

Professional content strategists research the perfect target audience for your product or service. They use authenticity, empathetic writing and research-based creativity to devise marketing methods that suit your brand. Strategists decide on a tone and style best suited to engage your users and drive conversions.

Content strategists build your brand by deciding on content displayed on your website and social media platforms. They will improve your SEO, and other targeted marketing avenues. Such a person will free up your time, enabling you to focus on building your business in other ways. Statistics show that over 80% of start-ups fail – in a competitive digital arena, consider budgeting funds for professional content strategist.

Simplicity is Key

Keep it simple when starting a new business. The old adage “don’t run before you can walk” is good advice. A good content strategist will encourage simplicity, helping to make informed strategic decisions. A professional will tell you which platforms will grow a dedicated, loyal following.

Growing Your Brand

A number of platforms, and various factors important to them, assist in growing a brand:-


A well-designed website is key to a successful content marketing strategy. It is the primary platform for business growth.

  • Formatting your site is important. Your written and visual content combines with your formatting to display your brand well and, hence, grow it. A simple initial design, with a few well laid out pages to introduce yourself, your product or service you provide, and a means to contact you will do. As your brand and customer base grows, your evolving website will show that you are authentic and proactive
  • Marketing your enterprise well requires a brand presence. A content marketer provides an easy, comfortable website navigation experience for visitors. Clear headers and accurate language, displayed with easy-to-read fonts, makes for an enjoyable online environment. This encourages further investigation of your pages.
  • Colour schemes, and company logos or mascots in strategic positions, impact your visitors. Experimentation is often needed to find out what works best, and this is acceptable. Colour or logo changes enhance a growing brand as visitors notice the change and growth. This providing affirmation of the authenticity and proactivity I referred to earlier.

Social Media

A presence on social media is important and your content strategist knows this:-

  • After launching your website, targeting social media as a secondary marketing platform will grow your exposure. Two or three different social media platforms will do, with content strategists identifying which provide the best reach. As your brand grows, further platforms should be added to your arsenal. Less is more at the outset.


Email campaigns are important to successful content marketing strategies:-

  • Creating a strong email marketing strategy assists in building a connection with your audience in a more personal way. It’s also likely to drive conversions without breaking the bank.
  • Delivering targeted messages to specific audiences is easier via email.

Other Tools & Platforms

Other content marketing tools and platforms can grow your business and create a audience rapport.

  • A blog displays your knowledge and business acumen. It also whilst provides content to share across social media channels.
  • Surveys and polls allow a content strategist to establish what a target audience wants or expects, and to guage how your strategy is working.
  • Google Adwords and other paid advertising can assist in growing a brand.
  • Google Analytics and Google Search Console help to analyse visitors and web search activity.

In Summary

One of the most important requirements of top class content marketing authentic brand portrayal. A connection with an audience should go beyond a “seller-buyer” relationship. You want your customer to know and feel who you are, and relate to your brand on a personal level. Displaying a level of empathy for your customers’ wants and needs is essential to growing your brand and driving conversions. With the right content strategy in place, and an adherence to all of the above points, you can feel more at ease, secure in the knowledge that your business can grow in ways you may not have previously thought possible. Think seriously about whether you should hire a professional strategist.

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