Learn to Tweet Like a Veteran: 15 Handy Hacks

So you’re new to Twitter. Or you’ve been around but haven’t really tweeted much. You’re possibly feeling a bit overwhelmed. How are you going to be able to fit all you want to say into just 280 characters while still getting your point across? There’s a trick to it and hopefully you’ll learn to tweet like a veteran by reading these 15 handy hacks:-

01. Tweet, Tweet and Tweet Some More

Tweet regularly. You’re on the right side of the statistics if you tweet a few times a day, as opposed to any less. Tweeting more often will gain you more followers and, whether you’re trying to build a brand or just a personal following, being more Twitter-active will be beneficial. Try not to tweet links every time though – space these out as you really don’t want to come across as a spammer!

02. Choose your Tweet Times Carefully

Remember that you’re tweeting internationally, so select the right times to tweet to your important followers. Business tweets aimed at other businesses statistically tend to have more impact after lunch and before dinner on weekdays. Those business tweets targeting consumers are better on Saturday mornings and over the weekend in general. For personal tweets? Watch your followers’ activity.

03. Keep Your Tweets Short

What? 280 characters is short! That may be the case but using less than 100 characters means that your scrolling followers don’t have to stop scrolling and can read your tweet without any bother. According to the statistics, shorter tweets gain more likes and retweets.

Image Source: Twitter

04. Make Use of Visual Media

There was a 62% increase in Twitter video views between 2019 and 2020. Colourful, visually-appealing tweets are eye-catching and are definitely more popular. If you don’t have any images, gifs or videos to share, make use of a brightly coloured emoji or two. You can double your engagement that way.

05. Don’t Be Shy

Ask your followers to retweet your tweets. Be bold. You’re likely to gain up to 12 times more exposure! Retweets account for nearly 80% of user engagement with brands on Twitter.

06. Be Dynamic

Encourage your followers to participate and, in marketing scenarios, to make decisions. Use action words to steer your followers in the right direction.

Image Source: Omnicore Agency

07. Encourage Conversation

Asking questions on Twitter encourages responses and further communication. The more that you can engage your followers, the more exposure you’ll receive.

08. Be Funny and Encourage a Smile or Two

Twitter can be vibrant and bubbly. Adding a little humour in your tweets boosts follower responses and retweets. Once again this will improve your reach and interaction with your followers.

09. Hashtag It!

Don’t overdo it, but using a couple of original and relevant hashtags in your tweets reminds your followers who you are and what you represent. For business tweets, this is an important tip as it increases brand exposure.

10. Tag Others

Tag some applicable followers, brands and influencers in your tweets, and use wording that encourages responses. If an influencer or top brand does happen to respond to your tweet, it can increase that tweet’s reach substantially.

Image Source: Brandwatch

11. Quote Well-Known People

Validate your tweets with quotes from celebrities, market leaders and other recognisable names. This adds substance to your tweet and encourages more likes and retweets. Once again, your reach will be increased.

12. Converse with Your Followers

Encouraging conversation by tweeting with your followers and not at them. Using a more informal and conversational tone means that your followers are more likely to respond and grow your tweet’s impact. Remain professional but professionally-friendly and approachable. Commenting on posts of those you follow, especially market leaders and influencers will also increase your chances of a greater reach.

13. Keep It Simple

You’ve only got a certain number of characters to use and, as previously mentioned, it’s better to use not even half of those. With that in mind, the simpler your words and language are, the more likely you are to get retweets, likes and exposure.

14. Throw Some Numbers In

People love statistics. Using numerical format saves you characters and interesting numerical and statistical facts and figures also helps to engage a following.

15. Encourage Further Investigation

Pique your followers’ curiosity with some open-ended statements, especially if you’ve posted links to click on. Us humans are naturally curious and, as such, often can’t help following up on an unanswered question or a leading statement.

In Conclusion

Experienced Twitter users don’t find it difficult incorporating much of what I’ve said in this article. If you’re new to the platform, or haven’t used Twitter much, you may find much of this information valuable in your quest to learn to tweet like a veteran. I hope so.

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